When to Publish?

I am currently in the process of lining up various interviews that I think will be useful for all of us out there who are trying to get by as artists in the music industry. I have been battling with myself as to whether I should post now or when I have the interviews ready. Have I got my page looking how I want, have I got the relevant links in place, how do I start the blog off with the right words? When battling this out in my mind as I am sure or at least hope many others do, it lead me to a thought about the timing of content release or publishing work. This seems like a perfect place to start!

There currently seems to be two trails of thought and I am trying to figure out how they can combine. We are in an era of abundance in the digital world, where you can get music files anywhere, anytime and often for free at the click of a button. The democratisation of producing content and then distributing it has allowed many of us to become creators as well as consumers. This has lead to an abundance of music in what is known as the longtail economy and stores such as itunes, amazon and alike know how to successfully manage that abundance to turn profit. So as an artist who thinks that we can stand out in this mass of music, how and when should we make our first move?

I would like to refer you to two posts to help you digest. Firstly we have John Mayer who argues that we should not worry about self publishing and self promotion. Social tools can be a distraction and the most important thing is to create the best music we can to perfect our art. John appears to have some fantastic points about making sure that the content is ready for publishing but he also has the luxury of ignoring 4,000,000,000 twitter followers and having established his career in a different era in the first place. Similar to how Coldplay with their worldwide number 1 album can refuse to be on Spotify. Would that be so helpful to one of us trying to get people to find out about our productions? This is a small part of an opposing argument here.

As with many things in life, I think it is about finding balance. If we post out any old crap as artists then we will soon lose any credibility and fans won’t bother to feed back and tell us what they like. However if we block out the digital world and wait for the ultimate release then we are not responding to a current climate of consumer that demands connectivity and direct artist access. We are not listening to consumers in a market place of abundance that is no longer a controlled linear production line.

So when and how do you intend to publish your work? How are you currently making your moves in the music industry. Leave your comments and help everyone make up their own minds.

Here is a track that I am loving right now and hopefully you can enjoy it while you think

Time for me to hit publish………..

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