Interview Dates

Any interviews that I will be conducting with industry professionals, artists and anyone with relevance to the cause will be listed here. If you have a question for any of these people then please get in touch and I will try to put it forward for you. Please use the contact form below the list:

1/2/12Chris Lopez of Blanket productions. 20 years experience in the world of music photography +  Andy YDNA of Rosslyn Records.

3/2/12 – Chris Jenkins. Music manager and director of MRC and Musicosity.

13/2/12 – Suzy Wheeler. CEO of Strawberry Fields – PR, Marketing and Event Management

16/2/12 – Jonathan Dyson. Music manager and CEO of Reaction Artist management.

23/2/12 – Trevor Hill of Devils Music – Director of the Dorset Music Awards

27/2/12 – Alex Marle of Music Mania promotions

23/3/12Jon Webster. CEO of the Music Managers Forum.

4/4/12 – Tim Palmer from Bird on The Wire Promotions

12/4/12 – Keith Harris from PPL. How, why and when artists should join

24/5/12 Jules Parker of PRS. Membership development consultant responsible for Songwriter Acquisition Coordination

21/6/12 – Alex Martin of Crown Talent and Media Group who represent acts such as Jessie J and Ellie Goulding.

22/6/12 – Anna Russel at AR-Management

04/10/12 – Georgina Hurcombe of Love Love Films


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